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May 20th - 2019

After two amazing years at Ithaca College, we are pleased to announce that Alex Pinto will be starting as Assistant Professor at Manhattan College, in NYC, in August 2019. There, he will continue teaching and doing research with undergraduate students in the areas of physical, environmental, and materials chemistry. Stay tuned about this exciting move!!

May 19th - 2019

With the Commencement Ceremony we say goodbye and best wishes to three components of Alex Pinto group: Andrew Skinner, Anthony DiBernardo, and Jeff Taylor are all Chem or Biochem Ithaca College 2019 Graduates. Andrew will start a staff position at Pacific Northwest National Lab, Anthony will start graduate school at University of Wisconsin - Madison, and Jeff will start a Master Program at University of San Francisco. Thank you so much for the pleasure of working with each one of you.

April 1st - 2019

Jeff presented a poster at  ACS Spring National Meeting 2019, in Orlando entitled: "Isotherm studies for the removal of textile dye methylene blue by chitosan for wastewater treatment". Besides presenting, Jeff was awarded with the outstanding content and presentation prize by the Division of Chemical Education. Congratulations Jeff for this notorious award!!

March 25th - 2019

Our paper entitled "Kinetic and thermodynamic study of methylene blue adsorption onto chitosan: insights about metachromasy occurrence on wastewater remediation" was accepted for publication at Energy, Ecology and Environment. This paper features the work Julian and Jeff have developed since the group beginning about how methylene blue single molecules and aggregates behave upon adsorption onto chitosan. Other co-authors are Professor Nirupam Aich and his Graduate Student Arvid Masud, from University of Buffalo. The paper can be visualized in the following link:


August 9th - 2018

Alex's paperer describing his experience design and teaching an advanced elective course focused on the characterization techniques for solid state chemistry was published online today at Journal of Chemical Education. This paper aims to give to undergraduate students a more extensive exposure to some techniques that are usually not taught in an undergraduate chemistry curriculum. More information and the link to the articlee can be found in the publications section.


June 4th - 2018

The rising Senior students Anthony DiBernardo and Jeff Taylor start today in the group as part of the Humanities and Science Summer Scholars Program at Ithaca College. Anthony will be continuing the Project developed by Andrew Skinner at last Fall, preparing composites of Graphene Oxide and Zinc Oxide with different morphologies for photocatalytic application. Whereas Jeff will be working on figuring out the Thermodynamic parameters involved in the adsorption of methylene blue onto chitosan, complementing the kinetic study performed by Julian Kellner-Rogers in last Academic Year.

June 2nd - 2018

We are glad to announce that our poster entitled: "Kinetic study of the adsorption of methylene blue onto chitosan: Evidence for non-Arrhenius behavior", present by Alex, won the Best Poster Award Competition at ACS Northeast Nanomaterials Meeting (NENM 2018), in Lake Placid, NY. The poster described the research developed by Julian Kellner-Rogers during the 2017/2018 Academic Year, more details about the award can be seen in the conference website: [].

Below, it is a picture of Julian (on left) and Alex (on right) in front of the winning poster, now, hung in the Ithaca College Department of Chemistry.



















April 3rd - 2018

We were awarded a Summer Research Fund Internal Grant from Ithaca College Center of Faculty Excellence. This grant secures funds to perform our research about Graphene Oxide-Transition Metal Oxides during the Summer. Really exciting news!! 

February 23rd - 2018

Our mini-review paper entitled: "Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry: Principles and Applications for Analysis of Mineralogical and Environmental Materials" was published at online in the new journal Aspects in Mining and Mineral Science. This mini-review describes the advances in the application of Portable X-ray Fluorescence in Mineralogy. The paper is open access and can be found in the link: [].

February 9th - 2018

The junior undergraduate student Andrew Skinner joins the group. Andrew will be working in the preparation of heterostructures of Graphene Oxide-Transition Metal Oxides.

January 22nd - 2018

The Spring semester starts!! This semester Alex will be teaching Quantitative Chemistry, Experimental Chemistry 1 and co-teaching Experimental Chemistry 4. He is excited for one more great semester at Ithaca College.

December 4th - 2017

We proudly announce that we just won our First Internal Grant!!! Our group was awarded the Academic Mini-Grant from Ithaca College Provost Office. This mini-grant will enable us to perform at set of different measurements at Cornell Center for Materials Research Facility on our project involving preparation of Graphene-Transition Metal Oxides heterostructures.

November 20th - 2017

Our paper entitled "Synthesis of Cu2(Zn1-xCox)SnS4 Nanocrystals and their Formation of Polycrystalline Films from Their Aqueous Dispersions" was accepted for publication at Journal of Materials Chemistry A. This paper describes the evolution of thin films Cu2ZnSnS4 and Cu2CoSnSsolid solutions, and their development upon annealing. The results described on this paper were obtained during Alex's PhD at University of Minnesota, advised by Prof. R Lee Penn.

October 18th - 2017

Our paper entitled "Controlling Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) phase in microwave solvothermal synthesis" was accepted for publication at Journal of Materials Chemistry A. This paper describes part of the results obtained during Alex's PhD at University of Minnesota, advised by Prof. R Lee Penn. A proof version of the paper can be visualized by clicking here.

August 30th - 2017

Julian, a junior student from  Ithaca - NY, is the first member to join the Group. Julian will be working with the application of chitosan as adsorbent for removal of textile dyes and heavy metals. Good luck Julian, we hope you learn from and, mainly, enjoy your research.

August 28th - 2017

The academic year has officially started!! This semester, Alex will be teaching Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics and Kinetics, and Modern Characterization Techniques for Solid State Chemistry.

August 21st - 2017

Alex starts his appointment at Ithaca College. That is the beginning of Alex Pinto Group!!!

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